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Since 1990 TECIMER is one of the leading organizations in providing superior supply, procurement services, emergency and manufacturing.

TECIMER supplies services and items to meet the requirements of U.N. Agencies, the ICRC, the IFRC, national Red Crescent/Red Cross Societies, and other Non Governmental Humanitarian Organizations. The supplier numbers to the U.N. Agencies:
UNPD NY: 11195
UNGM Vendor No: 141275

Emergency Response
TECIMER offers relief and emergency aid in disasters, conflicts, mass displacements of people within or among borders by its special and experienced unit. We provide emergency supply services to relief organizations, governments and NGO’s, ranging from food, blankets, mattresses, jerry cans, hygiene and bed kits, tarpaulins, tents and shelter, lanterns, ablution units.


TECIMER manufactory facilities located in Ankara, serving Middle East, North Africa, Balcans, Mediterranean and Caucasian regions in the surrounding area, and to the all over the world.

The main products are;

  1. Trailers: Fuel and Potable Water Trailer,
  2. Mobile Kitchen Trailer for civil and defense uses,
  3. Reverse Osmosis Water Purifers,
  4. Mobile Solar Water Purifiers.

With its high capacity of R&D, Tecimer can offer customized solutions and turn-key projects of settlements, camps, water supply, food supply and sanitation.