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Diesel Fuel Trailer-TEC FT 600

Equipment Data

Tank Material: SS304, 6mm thickness
Capacity: 600 Gallons
Dimensions (overall):
Height with full load:2146 mm
Height Empty: 2166mm
Length: 4519mm
Width: 2374mm
Height of draw-bar ring: min 630mm – max. 935mm
Ground clearance: full-342mm, empty-362mm

Payload: 2089kg
Net Weight: Max. GTW with full-4290kg
Max. Curb Weight: 2200kg
Axle Capacity: 5000kg

Scope: 600-gallon capacity mounted tank that is used for storing, transporting, and servicing aircraft with all types of ground support equipment fuels.

  1. Dissimilar metals as defined in MIL-STD-889, do not be in contact with each other
  2.  Operating temperature range The fuel trailer is capable of operating at ambient temperatures ranging from -40°F to 125 °F.
  3. Operation sound level The maximum A-weighted sound level produced by the trailer’s engine pump assembly does not exceed 84dBA.
  4. Mobility The fully loaded trailer is capable of being towed by a commercial type truck or military design M35
  5. Chassis The trailer components are mounted on a single axle trailer chassis with adjustable retractable landing gear.
  6. Tow bar The trailer chassis has a tow bar designed for towing by vehicles having a pintle height of 30 to 35 inches and a lunette eye conforming to MS 51336
  7.  Suspension system The axle, springs, accessories and components of the suspension system withstand the imposed loads without evidence of permanent overload.
  8. Service and Parking brakes The service brakes can hold the fully loaded trailer motionless and control it at a minimum of 30 percent incline.
  9. Lighting system The trailer has a 12 volt lighting system compatible with commercial truck-tractors and a 24 volt lighting system compatible with military vehicles.
  10. Fill rates The tank can be filled through the manhole filler cover at a rate of 200 GPM
  11. Emergency shutoff valve Emergency shutoff valves and shear sections are provided for tank openings as required by NFPA 385.
  12. Sump A sump having a minimum capacity of 10 gallons is provided at the bottom of the tank
  13. Manhole The tank has a commercial circular manhole with a diameter of 20 inches.
  14. Vents The tank has two identical removable vents.
  15. Pumping systems The pumping system can perform the pumping requirements when delivering diesel fuels, automotive gasoline and turbine fuels.
  16. Engine The pump is driven by a commercial, air cooled, electric start, diesel engine.
  17. Hand pump assembly In addition to the engine drive pump assembly, a hand pump is provided.
  18. Pressure gauge A pump discharge pressure gauge is provided to continuously monitor pressure at the outlet of the engine-driven pump
  19. Flow meter A flow meter of at least 25 GPM capacity is furnished. It is capable of registering flow down to 2.5 gpm
  20. Re-circulation system The trailer’s pumping system incorporates a re-circulation circuit
  21. Hose A 35 foot long, 1 inch inside diameter, fuel servicing hose, conforming to EI 1529
  22. Nozzle A one inch automatic shutoff nozzle with reducer, OPW Part Number OPW-7H or equivalent
  23. Water segregator The suction line has a water segregator
  24. Shutoff valves The pumping system includes ball type shutoff valves
  25. Axle weight Axle weight does not exceed 13,000 pounds
  26. Pressure relief valves the piping system has pressure relief valves
  27. Fire extinguisher , Static discharge grounding reels, Air transportability